New mod and new times...


Founding Member
Aug 3, 2002
Oregon City, OR
Went to PIR Saturday night and got 11 runs in to add to my total and assure my place as timeslip King, at least in 03 Cobras... :D Played with the tune which needed tweaking because I added the new KN FIPK and JLT RAI tube. Still running rich and 22 degrees of timing but I managed a 12.7 @ 113 mph.
Thanks to Jon for the KN FIPK and Jay of for the help in creating this partnership.. :nice:
I used to have a JLT CAI and liked it fine until a little accident while repainting it... So for a time I went about looking at different intakes and finally bought a KN FIPK. Well, I had emailed Jay about converting the CAI tube to the RAI setup and he was very helpful so I went and did it. The result is a very clean looking setup. Can't we all just get along....?

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