New Mustang 66.


New Member
Feb 7, 2003
melbourne, australia
Hi guys thought some of u might be interested in this new mustang here in australia. It's taken a while to be built but here is the unveiling pic of it. As far as i know it's got a hemi in it, 2 superchargers, lowered, roof chopped 2 inches, tubbed. Don't know the specs on it as i havn't seen it for real yet but it's basically for a show car and drag car. I can't get over how big the motor is!
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Hey it is OK. It is just that to me that kind of car is WAY over the top and reminds me of what idiots do to imports to say "HEY LOOK AT ME" even though they don't seem to understand that the message they are conveying is that they are a dumbass.

Actually that car reminds me of the type of cars you saw at big car shows like the Autorama here in the states way back in the 70's......and I didn't like them back then either. HAHAHAHAHAHA
well if the lower one was spinning faster than the top one it could be useful.... but what engine could take the kind of pressure it would make at high RPM?.... but yeah judging by the fact there is no rollcage and the trunk opens the wrong way (would be a dragracing liability)...I dont think they particularly care if it works or not.... heh does it even run? might be gutted looks like it's just for show
:rlaugh: Drag car, my tired ass. That is such a trailer/show queen I'd be surprised if it could get up on the display under it's own power. Double rootes blowers? Yeah, that's effective....that's why all the real drag racers run them. I guess the trunk lid is hinged backwards to act as an air brake so you don't need a chute. :rlaugh: Hey, don't you need a roll bar to run faster than 11.99?
Yeah it's definately a bizarre setup but it must work cause he wouldn't go for just looks. Hopefully there's some figures on it soon.
6T6coupe - not sure on rules for roll cages here but there would have to be some sort of rule though for sure. I know i would want one if i was racing though. I'll let u know if he produces any time slips on it. I know it's got a full tubular chassis in it aswell. i myself don't see how this setup could be effective in a drag car but who knows.