New Mustang Owner: A Few Questions


New Member
Oct 5, 2013
Hello all. I am the proud new owner of a 2005 Mustang V6 Premium Convertible (with only 40,000 miles!)

This thing needs to last me a while, so I want to keep it in the best shape that I can for as long as I can. That being said, a few questions:

-Any tops for caring for the convertible top? Recommended solutions? Methods.
-Related to the above question: if I frequently raise or lower the top, would that cause the top and the motor to wear prematurely?
-Tips for cleaning/condition the leather seats? Recommended solutions?
-The buttons on the Shaker 500 radio are very well worn, despite the rest of the car being immaculate. Is there anyway to replace the individual buttons, or would I need to buy a new faceplate or even a new stereo altogether?

Thanks for your input.
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