new NPI dyno #'s with MHS cams/6061 plenuim


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Nov 24, 2007
Port St. Lucie, Florida
im pretty happy with the results considering the shop temp was 93* with 100% humidity! this was the 8th pull out of 10, so it was pretty hot, it makes power to 6700, the starts to slightly nose over after that! and it gained a ton of low end tq with the MHS cams:nice: will be going to the track next week! hoping for 12.teens....


STD numbers were 336rwhp/312rwtq
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do me a favor 98COBRA281 , measure how tall is the 6061 elbow i am trying to find out if it will fit under my hood. and try measuring in centimeters :p
Nice. I'm not too familiar with florida. Where are you in reference to Orlando? I'm going on vacation next year to Orlando, and I'm hoping to drive my stang down. If you are not too far from there we could meet up and run the stangs!
Congrats on those awesome numbers and looking forward to your track posts. I'm assuming that your NPI heads are ported? What kind of valve springs did you use with the cams?

yes, there ported and polished, i run comp behive springs!

i just took my dad for a ride for the first time since the tune, and hes a old school big block mopar guy, thats used to shifting at 5k rpms, he was pretty suprised when i buried the tach to 7k!