New owner of 94 GT convert Fan question


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Jun 13, 2000
Hastings, MN, USA
I just bought my brothers 94 gt convert from him, and was having a few issues with it. He said it was starting to run hot before he stored it about a year ago. I have read several posts on here about overheating, but still had some questions. When should the fan come on? Mine seems to run with the needle by the M and it still isn't coming on yet. Should I get a more accurate temp guage? The temp seems to bounce around from the r to the M depending on what RPM I am at. My bro installed under drive pulleys, and I just replaced the stat tonight. i still think it is running hot.

I also notice that when going from reverse to drive, (Like backing out of a parking lot, it makes a hollow sounding clunk from underneath. I am wondering if it might be the bellhousing bolts coming loose or something.

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I cant really answer your specific questions, but I do know some of our cars had a fan recall. The stock computer has the high fan coming on around 220*, Which is about between the O and the M. Underdrives WILL make the car run warmer. Since it is summer, you need a good radiator flush and fill, then get a $25 code scanner from WALMART and check codes and fans.

Id check on the fan recall. It was only for cars made during a certin time so not all 94/95s fall under the fan recall. Go to your dealership and have then run the VIN # and they can tell you if yours was one that was recalled.