New Paintjob


Nov 24, 2007
I hit a deer a few weeks ago and tore the crap out of the passenger side of my car! fender was destroyed door smashed in so bad it wouldnt open from the outside! Well turned it into insurance and the estimated it at $1900 I mannaged to find a small independant shop that would fix all my dents and dings and paint the whole car for that much! Wasnt 100% perfect coupe of small orange peel spots that you really have to look for to find but for the price....




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New headlights and clear corners are my next purchase for sure! already found a set i like! I spent extra and bought new emblems well worth it! had the gold emblem package and the grill emblem was all screwed up! 230k miles will do that i guess.. I've got alot of stuff sitting in my garage to go on here if i ever get enough time away from work. Just put a new shifter in a few weeks ago that made a world of diffrence! Plus i need to re-tint my windows! Just spend a whole day scrappin the jacked up old tint off jesus! what a pita! I have a new clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster + cable waiting to install.. Also subframe connectors and UD pullies. I also have the pieces made up to turn my X pipe into a OR X just need to drop the pipe cut off the cats and weld them in.. Thought about some pollished 95 cobra wheels but i kinda like the later model GT wheels look on there. Im thinking of lowering it before i buy wheels and see what a diffrence that makes in the look.
Good plans man, but honestly i dont know if the clears will look too good on your car, they will stand out way too much being that your car has a darker color.

Ive seen a few dark color cars with clears i dunno.. I thought about smoked headlights/corners but dont know if it would be too dark.