New radiator help!

Hey folks, any idea where I can get a new aluminum radiator that will really keep my car cool? I live in Folrida and the summers get down right brutal. I have a three core copper radiator that doesn't do a very good job at staying cool. I'm also going to put in an A/C in the car. I'm scratching my head wondering which avenue to pursue. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks fellas.:SNSign:
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Jun 20, 2006
i used the summit racing brand aluminum radiator - the 25.75" one
i also used the summit racing brand universal radiator brackets

had to trim about 3/4" off the battery box, because i used a 25.75 inch radiator. i just used a sawsall for that. i also should probably have upgraded to a late-model water pump so the inlet was on the drivers side, but i bought a kragen chrome flexible hose.

the brackets i used are the summit universal brackets. i used the factory holes to mount the lower brackets using the factory bolts, but i think i might have drilled holes in the brackets to drop it down a bit. the top ones didn't line up very well, so i rolled up some rags and taped them as insulators.

i did this within an hour of getting it in the mail, as it's my daily driver and don't particularly care for the small things like making the top brackets look nice etc. i needed to drive it to work the next day, so functionality was priority over cosmetics.

on my new coupe, i have relocated the battery to the trunk, and removed the tray completely. this will give me proper room. i also bought the summit bracket kit again, but i fabbed up my own top brackets.

anyways, here's the pics





summit sell a direct fit, rad, BUT it is not a cross flow as pictured. i have one on my pony, with no shroud it has gotten a bit warm.(250 degree water temp,45 minutes idling in traffic, 82 degree day) i plan on adding an electric fan before i drive it this summer...
Jan 17, 2004
I have a FLUIDYNE 3-row with spal pusher and custom shroud and mechanical fan pulling. here in socal its pushing it keeping it cool. I think its more air flow on the mustangs then radiator. My old setup 3 core brass with pusher puller electric had no porblems on the 91 west bound parking lot.
Thanks guys, I think I'm gonna go with the fluidyne. It sounds like a good buy. I was searching on ebay and came across sacramento radiators. Looks like a different aluminum radiator with an o.e. look to it. Appreciate everyones input.:nice:


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Aug 27, 2003
Lexington, Ky
it works great. northern has a shroud/fan setup that matches the radiator and the fan has no choice but to pull from the radiator instead of around it. mine is still on a toggle switch but i have the wireing to make it come on by the T stat