New radio installed... FH-P8000BT


Playing with my wife's really makes me want one.
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May 23, 2004
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I took a couple hours "off" yesterday and installed my new radio. It's the Pioneer FH-P8000BT. I wanted it mostly for the iPod interface, but it has bluetooth and all kinds of goodies. It also matches the blue that I use for my dash lights. Let me tell you. This this sounds amazing. I was shocked. I didn't figure just upgrading the head unit would make so much of a difference in sound. The iPod interface works very well. Now I can stick my iPod in my glovebox and control it all from the receiver. It looks fantastic and matches the blue MyColor so well. Given everything going on, I didn't have time for a write-up, sorry guys. There were a few modifications necessary to make it work properly with the Shaker 500 (as with every aftermarket radio) but it was very simple. All you need to do is wire in a 5V voltage regulator to the remote turn on so that the subs don't pop when you turn the unit on, and connect a rca female to 2 male y adapter. Otherwise everything is just as the instructions suggest. Anyway, here's a pic.


And here's a link to the stereo.

Here's one of the radio on it's own (image courtesy of
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Looks really good in there:nice: :nice:
I'm just wondering if we have the same setting for the blue My Color lights:rlaugh: I don't remember the combo since I've had it set that way probably since last spring.
I'm going to get some more and better pictures when I have more time. It definitely looks great in there, that's for sure. Aimee is quite jealous. :)

I have no doubt that we're probably using the same setting. I would be more surprised if we were not.
It's just the way I take the pictures. It's no brighter than the dash lights. I'm pretty sure it dims with the dimmer control, I just haven't messed with it yet.

The last time one of my interior pictures showed up in SHR's ads, Marcello got 3 calls/emails asking how to get their interior lights to look neon-like lol.
I really like that head unit. After I get the MyColor gauges I'm thinking about getting a headunit and that's one I have been looking at. It has the HD radio as an option (ugh, but Ill take it) and it fits in the double DIN space. Would I need to do anything different if I don't have the Shaker 500 system?

Looks great man and you aren't helping me in regards to not buying anymore car stuff!
No you wouldn't need to do anything special if you don't have the Shaker 500. Just wire up the harness and put it in.

Yes, it definitely has a regular tuner. As you'll see from these two pics, I just had it sitting on FM.

Here's another 2 pics.


I have been thinking of upgrading to the same unit. Does Crutchfield give instructions for the 5V regulator and the other mod you mentioned? Did you get the HD radio option?
I assume it doesn't receive satellite radio, is that an option? Looks great installed in your car. :nice:
No. Crutchfield does not supply the regulator or instructions. If you look in the Ultimate Sticky for the AVIC - D3 install it shows you what needs to be done there. The instructions given apply directly to pretty much every head unit Radio Shack usually has them in stock though. It comes with just about everything you need from crutchfield though. Everthing BUT the 5 v Regulator. You can get a extra module for HD radio as well as a module for Satellite radio, but they are extra options and do not come stock with the head-unit.

OK, I understand you have to purchase the regulator separately, but do they tell you how it wires in? Same question with the "Y" adapter. Can you have both satellite and HD radio, or just one or the other? Thanks again.
No problem. The instructions that come with the head-unit will not describe how to hook up the Voltage Reg. or what to buy. That although is in the Avic thread in the utlimate sticky here -- >

And I quote: "Voltage Regulator (Shaker 500 Only):

This is needed because the Ford Amplifiers in the Shaker 500 system require only a 5V turn on signal; however the Avic-D3 puts out 12V. This causes a popping sound to be heard every time the car starts up." - There are pictures to show you where and how to install the regulator. This works the same with any aftermarket head unit.

To fix this, you must put this regulator (7805 from Radioshack) in between the Blue/White System Remote Control output from the white Pioneer Harness (input) and the 2 Blue/White wires from the small Metra Harness (both go to the output) The middle of the regulator is for the ground. To make this easier, I took 3 pieces of the parking brake leftover wire and attached those to the Regulator, then to the other leads. " I added the bold line. The only thing that will be differen't is the wire coloring, but the instructions that come with the head unit should tell you which wire is the remote turn on wire.

I'm not sure, but from what I've read, you can have one or both HD radion and Sat. radio. I'm also not quite sure what Y connetor Dark is taking about. I think its just a Pre-amp output that needs to be connected to work with the Shaker 500/1000 amplifier and subs. Either that or it is for a second set of pre-outs.. I think I'll leave that question to Darkfire.
Towelly hit pretty much everything. The Y adapter may not be needed, but it's cheap. I'd pick one up to be safe. If you look through that write-up, you'll see where you need to put it. Basically, plug it all in like the instructions say, and if your door subs don't work, then you need to put the Y adapter on.
Looking for a Good EQ Balance w/Pioneer FH-P8000BT

I just bought a Pioneer FH-P8000BT receiver and installed it in my 2003 Mustang. I have the MACH audio system in my 'stang, with everything still original with the exception of the new Pioneer receiver.

I'm having a little issue trying to fine tune the equalizer to make the sounds more crisp and balances. I'm getting a bit more bass and low-end distortion which is drowning out the highs a bit. I must admit that while I have an ear for a good sound, I am not very familiar with setting equalizer bands. I currently have the following settings in the equalizer bands:

50HZ — 0
125HZ — +2
315HZ — -3
800HZ — +1
2KHZ — +3
5KHZ — +5
12.5KHZ — +3

These setting seem to have brought my highs and a little of the mids out a bit but it still doesn't sound right. If you have (or had) the "stock" Mach audio system in your car, please let me know if you have an idea of a setting that you feel might get the most out of the Pioneer FH-P8000BT in my '03 Mustang.

Thanks in advance my fellow 'Stang owners! Oh... and one more thing... DarkFireGT, your blue interior lights look bad ass!!!

Jared G.
Baton Rouge, LA