New RSX-S Integra slow than snail

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Idiot5.0 said:
I think that is Black RSX over in the 4.6 forums. He lost his mustand in a hail storm and still posts here. Go over to the talk section, he's one of many post whores over there.

I think that is my video... I can't view it cause I am at work. I think that is an old video... :shrug:

Post Whore?? Who me??? :p

Yeah... I have no torque. I used to have double that in my Stang, oh well. :D
welll with just an intake and hondata ECU flash.... will get them into the high 90s-102 traps depending on car and driver.

my friend had exhaust and the ECU and intake..... he put the stock exhaust back on and is just as fast :lol:
I love the car myself, but I just can't get over the fart can phenomenon that seems to surround the whole import scene aftermarket parts companies.

Can they just make a simple exhaust that sounds a little sportier sans the HUGE pipe out the back or the BLING BLING stainless muffler so proudly displayed by so many 18 second Hondas around here?

That RSX is pretty sweet though. It revs.

The RSX is a classic example of Junk. I had one of those pull up next to me and the fat ass driving it had enough balls to laugh at me. Well by the end of that race he wasnt laughing anymore, quite a few car lengths later i showed him whats good.