New Set up


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Mar 30, 2005
New Hampshire
Hey guys just going to be finishing my motor today.
Im looking to be in the 500rwhp area
Stock 302 Block(I Know Its A Time Bomb) 3.55 Gears, GT-40 Intake, Edelbrock Performers, 1.6rr's, Wolverine Cam 498/509 lift, 1 5/8Headers, H-Pipe, Mac Dumps, 80mm Mass Air, 42lb Injectors, 255lph Intank, 9mm Wires, One Step Colder Plugs, S-Trim 12-14lbs, AFM Power Pipe.

What Do You Guys Think? Also for suspension i was thinking about 50/50's in the rear 90/10's up front with 4 cylinder springs all the way around with no sway bars. Think it will hook?
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Jan 23, 2002
Sounds like a decent combo. I would go easy on it until you can get it to a dyno and have it tuned. You sould be close to 500rwhp depending on how much boost it's making, but I still think it will be a little under 500. The 500 rwhp make is where you have to start thinking about a fuel system, as the stock lines and the in-tank pump just can't supply enough fuel. I'm looking at doing a complete fuel system on mine eventually. Sumped tank, external rails, big braided stainless lines, fuel rails, ect.