New Sonic Drive-In comming to Vancouver

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Did someone say Walmart??

to buy a TT 6 speed Supra...but still lookin.:nice:

+1:nice: 1994-1998, color choices: Royal Sapphire Pearl, Quicksilver, Alpine Silver, or Black, and in that order.

Well once this Cobra is either sold or parted out and all gone. I already have a good chunk saved up for the Supra already, just need the Cobra gone to finish it out. I will be ready to buy one 1 October, or maybe even sooner.

I was just about to say the samething! When i lived in memphis tn that was the palce every weekend! TONS of cars bikes woman oooooh i miss it! This might be the new S/B! peace


Exactly!! When i was in the army at FT. Campbell me and my buddies would go there all the time. I can't wait for it to open. Does anyone know how far along it is?