New tires on the '93... and they hook !!


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Jan 1, 1999
Hagerstown MD
Just got rid of the 255/50ZR16 cobras that were on the '93 and would break loose in third at 3500rpm and put a set of ultra cheap Fulda's 245/50ZR16's with a tire wear rating of 140. That means I'll change them out around next winter when the treads gone. They are about like the futuras that Pep Boys sell and they work pretty well. Dang things feel just like a set of 26 x 9 ET street's, spin hard in first, and bite hard in second. Second holds to around 4500 and then it'll let go, just like the ET's do. Best part is they only cost $200 installed and even go in the snow. They don't have a race image either so they work well for us sleeper guys.

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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
Sometimes with tires, cheaper is better.

I had 225/60R15 Futura GLS's on my turbines and got a 1.9 60ft time! Not bad tires. I had Futura Ultra Z's 275/40R17's on my Cobra R's and got a 1.98 60ft time once, but never agian. They stick good but used to scrub the inner fender wells on the back and when I got Firestone SZ50's, they hook much better on the street and rain, handles much better in the corners but don't hook worth crap on the track. I am waiting for the M/T drag radials to come out next season since mine isn't a dialy driver anymore.