new to 2.3 turbo can you help

I have an 84 turbo coupe motor with 88k on it. The vaine air from the same car and a 88 turbo coupe inter cooler. Now is there a maf conversion? don't know anything about doing this swap. I would like to put it in a fox but need to know more first. Any good site's to look at that you guys may know of. Also what turbo to run cause the guy I got it from used the turbo 15 years ago so I need to get one.
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Mustang SVO Website Sponsored by the SVO Club of America will have alot of info on the turbo engine. As far as MAF conversion it is a big pain, you have to change the code in the computer or run a standalone/piggyback, the factory big vam has been known to hold out well over 300hp, beyond that point your probably looking at a standalone or piggyback anyhow. So it really is how far you want to push this engine...