New to me 66 Coupe


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Nov 19, 2001
Rochester, NY
Hey everyone, I post mainly over in the 79-93 forums, but I recently picked up this 66 Coupe from a friend who needed to offload it for personal reasons, I figured I would introduce myself and show some pictures, it's a 66 Coupe with 351 4spd toploader, newish interior and it came with a trunk full of new parts.

I also have a question about my exhaust setup, should I run the stock manifolds (Came with brandnew set and a full JBA stainless gt catback) and make up some custom downpipe to mate to an h-pipe or do they sell something that will work for me? I can get swap headers but I don't know if it's necessary or if they will fit. I'm just trying to put the car back together so I can drive it by the fall, and it doesnt seem like I can find a solid answer on this subject.


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Nice car!

For now, the stock manifolds will probably be fine. The shock towers in the 1965-1966 Mustangs take up a lot of space. You're very likely to run into fitment issues with any aftermarket header, especially with a 351 under the hood.
Very nice coupe. "Catback" doesn't apply to that car though. It really depends on whether the JBA pieces you have were meant for longtubes or were meant for a factory-type H-pipe...kinda hard to give any advice not knowing exactly what you have.

For me...I would just put back on a stock-type exhaust system if you are unsure...the problem is that until you do research you do not know what headers will fit and what headers will interfere with your Z-bar clutch linkage...and until you know its a big risk to buy, especially considering your 351w is exactly the same width as my custom-made headers have less than 1/4" clearance at the steering box and the passenger side shock tower "swell". So finding headers that fit a 351w swap for sure is tough and should be left till later on if you are looking to get it on the road.
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