New to Stangnet from Sugar Land, Tx

I am new to Stangnet. I have a two Mustangs - 1. 1988 Mustang LX 5.0 SSP 2. 2017 Mustang Shelby GT350.

My first car when I was a kid was a 81 Coupe with a 289/C4 conversion that I bought in 1990. It had a short life as it was really a car I should have passed on.

After many years and lots of other cars the Mustang bug bit me in 2019. I decided to try the GT350. This was a game changer as it has IRS and the VooDoo engine with a Tremec 6 speed. Loved the GT350 and bought one. This car is wonderful and its a made for the road course.

About 6 months ago I found out my friend has this 88 Mustang SSP sitting in his warehouse in Round Rock. I decided to buy it as it was that 80's car that I wanted and never had. This 88 was in pretty good condition overall, but my friend did not drive it since his mechanic did not like working on it. It has 156K miles, but had only traveled 1K in the 6 years my fiend had it.

My 15 year old son and me are working on bring this Fox back to usage status. Its an extremely easy car to work on and parts are in good supply with affordable prices. Since October we have gone through the cooling and engine basics and its driven daily. We are still working on the brakes and suspension in hopes out autox it in 2022.
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Why is it called "Sugar Land""? There has got to be a good story to that one..

History lesson - In 1843 a Sugar Planation was founded in Fort Bend County - south west of Houston. It eventually became the head quarters to Imperial Sugar and had their largest sugar processing plant. When the town incorporated in 1959 they adopted the Imperial Crown into the city crest. The Sugar plant closed in 2003, but Imperial is still headquartered in Sugar Land.

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