New Track Time with PI Motor


Founding Member
Jul 10, 2002
Sugar Land
Tonight I went to the track to see how my car was running, it bogs past 5k and I though the tune was way off, and that it would be low way slow. Well, I was so wrong, the car hauled ass, ran a 13.54, ans traped 102, all these were high 1.9-2.0 60ft's, the car was bogging alot. But I gained 6.xx MPH from my old motor, and that is good with me. I am getting 4.10's soon and will come back with some 1.7's and 13.2's, then the tune and LT's go in, this 12 Second NA thing is easier than I thought. :D
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Yea, but at about 5k it has this stutter/break up in acceleration that is noticable, but when I saw the speedo climb past 100MPH I knew it was running hard. I never thought it would be trapping 102MPH. I mean, the car is almost stock, besides the X-Pipe and Mufflers.