Newbie from Dallas area


New Member
Apr 17, 2010
Hi all. New to the site and by looking at the content I think I made a good choice. I am the original owner of a 86 GT Conv w/ 102,000 miles. It's been parked in my garage and I haven't tagged it for 7 years but it still runs like it did when i drove it off the lot in March 1986. However, like any 25 yr old car, there's lots of little things I would like to do to it before placing it back on the road again. I'm not looking to bring it back as a "show car" but i would like to bring it back as a Stang any Stang lover would be proud of. I don't claim to be an ace mechanic but I do have common sense and as long as I have the proper tools, a good environment to work in, and access to a good KnowledgeBase then anything is possible. I look at as just another good tool to have in my toolbox and also a great addition to that KnowledgeBase content. I'm sure I'll have to come back to ask Q's from other forum members but I'll try my best to first do my homework to see if my Q has already been addressed in previous posts.
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