newbie to the 4.6L


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Aug 19, 2002
Mesa AZ
Just a few general questions. Does this motor respond to bolt ons good [intake, exaust,etc. but NO dam pulleys]
Are there any head/cam upgrades out there that dont cost an arm and leg? Can these motors be made to perform ok? I kow they dont do so well in stock form. The stang in question is a 98 GT. Mods to the motor [its my cousins] are a exaust only, and its just the stock headers into dual 2.5" with H pipe, thats all :)
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First off...the heads on the 96s to 98s arent that great..your best bet would be to get the "PI" heads off a 99 an up or aftermarket. Just upgrading the heads can net you 40 to 50 hp(seen the dyno results of the PI heads on older car) all the basic boltons do pretty much what you would expect.