Newbie with another STEREO question

Jan 9, 2004
Las Vegas, NV
*I have the Mach 460 and am planning on a whole new system. can i Keep the stock amps and use them for something instead of bying new ones. i know i will need new ones to power the subs but maybe i could use them for the highs/mids?
*Also, does anyone know the specs on the Mach 460? such as power output of the amps and the size of all 6 speakers??? I need to know what size to replace the highs/mids with. I am in Korea and my car is in Wisconsin, so its not like i can just go and compare them. :bang: :flag:
*I am looking to put a pair of SOLO-BARIC L5 12's. will that and the enclosure fit in my trunk? how much extra space will i have? Are 10's more reccommended? I want a powerful bass and was told by a trusted source that Solo-Barics hit VERY hard.
*any Head unit reccomendations dealing with Options and features. What features should I make shure are included in the unit? I dont know anything about this so the most obvious things may not be so to me. List everything important (so i dont regret it later).

**Thanks for all your help, advice, and suggestions in advance! :flag:
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New Member
Jan 27, 2004
Destin, FL

I don't think you can add speakers to the factory amps due to how they are setup.

As far as adding a headunit... can be done. Alot of people do it but there are alot of ways they do. I contacted Visteon (people who make the amps) and Sony (people who make cd player and deck) the other day and I trying to get the exact specs on the factory headunit ouputs and amp inputs.
Also went to and they have a lot of harness's. I will be trying some out as soon as they get here and I will let everybody know how they work.
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