news update on my foster kid's dad....


New Member
Aug 20, 2006
Oklahoma City
ok...its been awhile since i posted updates on the kid's dad....the last court date 3 months ago, their father had asked the judge for a jury trial(that means a jury decided his fate and not the judge)...well anyway he talked hisself out of loosing his rights he is given until may....then it will be 2 yrs they've been in DHS custody.....well, i kind of hope he(the father) straightens out...its putting a real strain on my wife and my relationship....think about it...we have no kids of our own, and we've had them for 19 months.....and its hard to break they way they were raised....well if he does get them back, my wife and i will fight to keep the middle child he doesn't want to go back....well i'll keep ya'll updated....
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