Next month I gonna rebuild my T-5 transmission , need help


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Feb 13, 2003
Portland, OR
Next month I gonna rebuild my T-5 transmission (tranny have 100k) actuality my mechancic gonna do it
I put King Cobra clutch few months ago , and Throwout bearing is bad , plus I have clunk when I relese gas pedal in low gears (MAYBE INPUT OR OUTPUT SHAFT IS BAD) , and I change U-joints two months ago
So now I have to change
Throwout bearing
Bearing retainer ( I find this one
Flywheel ( I find this one )
and everything inside tranny (I have to buy some rebuild kit ,something like this one )
Question's for you guys is
what else I need
where I can buy steel bearing retainer (94-95 T-5)
and where I can but cheap and god rebuild kit with many pieces ( all bearings,shimes .....)
ANd those parts I have show you guys up there ,is that cheap or not
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HairyCanary said:
Hanlon Motorsports is where I got all of my stuff from. For the clunk, you might check your U-joints.


I already change U-joints , but nothing , clunk comming from front side tranny (input shaft zone ) and rear side (output shaft zone)
You can get a steel retainer from your local Ford dealer, I will post the part number tomm from work. Also you may want to check out D&D Performance, they have a good deal on a hardened steel 2nd, 3rd and cluster gear, $399.00. I would also check between Hanlon Motorsports and D&D for a rebuild kit.