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Apr 4, 2005
Have an 80 dry shot on stock 87 GT motor.. Anything to worry about..?

Getting a NGK-7 S.P., or an dash 6

I've heard I'll be fine, but just wanted more thoughts.

Will only be used at track, which is VERY seldom(once every month, if that)
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You'll be fine, might want to back off your timing a couple degrees when you run it. I can get away with 16* initial advance with a 100 shot with my combo without leaning out or detonating, but that's not the norm. I use autolite 24's, sidegapped to 44 on nitrous. I don't know what a dash 6 is..?
To be safe, the first time you run it, back it down to 10. If you don't detonate, bring it up to 12, and if you still run fine, bring it back up to 14. Make sure you're running 93 octane when you spray. A purge isn't really necessary but it will help assure you're getting straight nitrous right off the line (or whenever you need it). You can get away without one. I'd really recommend a bottle heater, but it depends on your goals and budget.
No aim, sorry. And I meant make sure it doesn't detonate while spraying (just making sure we're on the same page). If your car is detonating without nitrous on a lower octane gas I'd be careful with the juice. I'm a little confused if you already have the kit installed and have used it, or if you haven't used it yet. Your motor should hold up fine assuming it's mechanically sound.. do a compression test, keep on top of your maintenance, etc. and you should be good to go.