nitrous installed feels good


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Sep 22, 2004
installed the zex dry kit today..thanx for all the help from the posts guys...this is what i ended up h/c/i package tfs heads and intake, e cam, frpp double roller timing chain.....etc..etc..etc..etc..everything to make 300 rwhp to the ground right fuel and air wise...
well decided to stick to the 75 shot for now running with autolite 3923's, and timing set at 12..if i step up to 100 ill run 10 degrees
dont wanna kill my tranny just yet so ill stick with 75 or 100 so ont try to convince me to step to 125 guys!! :D
anywayz thanx for your help let u guys know what happens at the track wed night...last year ran 13.4 at 108 with a slow 2.2 60 with 3.73's running lean at 5000rpm broken motor and tranny mounts....since then switched to 4.10's, 24# injectors 190 pump, energy suspension mounts, rebuilt trac loc, and et streets, d&d upper and lowers with comp engineering adjustable shocks set at 50/50, 70/30 struts, so im hopin for 12'n/a and low 12's with the juice....i know it sounds like i should have gone faster but had to shift at 4900 rpm at the time and runnin nittos, but powershifted all gears...hoping the extra rpms and juice will help me
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your setup with the nitrous should get you deep into the 11's. my friend is running a setup very very much like yours and does 12.2's-12.4's n/a. He's in process of hooking up his 75 shot as we speak.

sounds like a real fun setup. Just do lots of track time, test, and tuning, and you'll get down to the 11's in no time.