Nitrous questions


New Member
Dec 16, 2002
Alden, KS
Ok, im about to buy a nitrous kit and am wondering what all I need with it. I have a good ignition setup, im already running 1 step colder plugs(764's) in gt40ps, I already have a good fuel system and can retard the timing when running with nitrous. My question is in accessories. Do I really need a purge kit? And a blow down tube? Its in the trunk in a notch so it not going to get into the driving compartment. Also a bottle blanket? Is that a good investment? The car only gets driven when its warm out for the most part but if I drive it in the cold and want to use the nitrous I could just throw a blanket or jacket on it. The kit im going with is the edelbrock performer kit adjustable from 50-100hp shot and im going to start out small and get the feel of it first. Thanks in advance.
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