No a/c , what belt size?


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Nov 22, 2006
I just yanked the a/c out of my 89 and i cant find a belt to fit it , ive tried an 84 , 85 , and 86 inch belt . If at all possible i would like to by pass the smog pump also . What size belt do i get so that it fits and doesnt rub?
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i dont remember the exact number at all, when i pulled the S/C off, i didnt have the right size belt, and i wanted to drive it home the same day, i went through about 4 belts.. buying them trying them and takeing them back.. when i got close to what i needed i used (pictured) that chrome rod to push my alt; further away to apply tention, until i either take the A/c off or but the Right Size belt..


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If you didn't use a a/c delete kit of some form, you will not find a belt that doesn't rub. Look into the ford racing a/c delete kit as it relocates the power steering pump to compensate.

The smog pump however can be removed with no ill effects.
Thanks a lot guys , I'm going to order the a/c delete kit tommorow , any idea about how many hp you can expect from a/c delete and completly ditching smog controls , including eliminating the cats?