no sound coming out of speakers? plz help!


New Member
Apr 15, 2008
I have a 94 GT with the mach 460 system. My old radio crapped out so I'm trying to put a pioneer Premier deh p760mp head unit in. After reading up on it, I found that the Metra 70 5510 wiring harness was all that I needed, but I am not getting any sound through the speakers? Everything looks to be connected correctly. The head unit powers on and plays a cd, but no sound?:shrug:
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Make sure you have the correct blue wire hooked up. There is a stock amp that needs to turn on or you wont have any sound. Have you tried it with the radio? If it works with the radio and not the cd then you might have the power antenna wire running the amp and not the remote turn on.
I dont have any blue wires connected. All I have connected is the red wire, orange, and a yellow wire. Then the 4 RCA inputs are on a seperate connector.

The radio and cd player seem to work fine, there just isnt any sound being put out?