no spark plus ????


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Mar 31, 2008
Hi i have a 95 v6 and am putting in an v8 from a totaled gt, the gt started up when it was in the gt but when we put it in the v6 it turns over good and stuff but theres no spark. and is the cdi box right behind the radio right and if it is theres a blue box behind it and was wondering if that has to come out to, and do you have to switch the wire harness from the fuse box or can i use the v6.:shrug:
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The blue box behind the stereo is the airbag control module. When you're cranking, do you have injector pulsing? I'd try to consult with the member chythar who posts here in 94-95, since he's doing a V6-V8 conversion right now and could probably lend a hand.