no start again ????wtf


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Jun 8, 2007
Ont Canada
so i have changed the power wire from battery to starter and fuse box all tight .did the tsb that ford had for the switch 12 volt wire the small one .cheched all connections stil first crank click.. 2end nothing ? but if i bump start it drive it around shut it off then try i will crank over fine 6 times in a row .went in the house had supper come out nothing same thing one click then nothing ???wtf i put in a new starter before i changed the power wires but it was the same . i am thing it is the ignition switch or the starter
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the battery is new same as the altanator even if i dissconect the battery and use the booster pack still nothing all the wires are new and tight only wire i have not changed is the white /red tracer wire going to the ignition switch but like i say the starter clicks so it cant be that mabey i will throw the new starter in a see what happens