Noise under braking


5 Year Member
Apr 28, 2005
St. Louis,MO
Car drive's normal and no sounds or funny noises until your braking and then there is a clunking noise almost sounds like some interstates where the break between the cement causes your tires to make a clunk sound.

If anyone knows the sound im talking about please help me elaborate this...

Any rate does anyone know what the possible causes for such a sound only under braking?
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"How long does it take to get help in here?
15 Year Member
Nov 29, 1999
You're just going to have to inspect the brakes and suspension. If you have a loose guide pin, that could cause a clunk. So could worn suspension components and load up when a certain amount of brake force is applied. You might even find a broken pad (it happens) or something else that you would not expect.

It really just takes getting in there and seeing how thing look.

Good luck.