Nos Switches


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Jul 8, 2004
Does anybody know where to find sneaky(non noticeable) control switches for a "bottle opener switch, activation switch, bottle heater switch. and purge"??? I think the bottle opener autmatically opens when you use the arming switch..i think...Also what does a RPM window switch do??? Thanks
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a remote bottle opener is usually run on its own switch not the arming switch. a window switch is an ignition safety feature that many people use. it is installed to safely use nitrous by allowing a set of rpms that the nitrous is to be used. you set an rpm to activate it and an rpm to shut it off at such as 3000-6000rpm that set of rpms is the window the nitrous is sprayed at. the switches depend on what year the car is. 94-98 cars have a kit to fit the ashtray with 4 switches. 99+ you gotta be creative and find a place not noticeable and not too hard to reach. maybe inside the cupholders especially if you dont use them.
its a wot switch. yeah it alll works together. the wot switch only powers the nitrous at wide open throttle and the window switch uses set rpms, so with the two together you need wide open throttle and be within the set rpms. it makes the nitrous use safer.
Not sure what year car you have, but if you have a 96-97 with the flip up ashtray in the center console behind the shifter Anderson Ford makes a nice little switch plate that fits in there and you can even get it with a momentary switch for the purge...

It says its for 98's but they have the cup holders where the ashtray is on the 96-97's and obviously it won't fit the 98...
any where you plan to hide the switches be sure they cant be bump into. research as much as possible before you plan to run nitrous. done right it it very safe. i used to have a 95 gt with a TNT wet kit used almost everyday for over a year without any issues. if you run juice change to non-platinum plugs. they will work better.