Not starting when hot?


Oct 10, 2001
1st some background:

89 LX, Diehard silver battery, 130amp conversion, 192,000 miles on stock motor and starter.

Wife has drives it frequently and farther than I normally do. Twice it has been slow to turn over and won't start after a traffic/stoplight heavy 20 minute drive. After a few minutes (usually about the time I get there), it usually just fires right up.

Cold, not started = 12.5 v Cold, started = 14.7 v

My initial reaction is to get a new battery and cables.

Any other feelings? Like the starter........
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Bad starter. The old style starters will turn over slowly when they get overheated, especially if you have headers. I would get one of the newer style mini starters, they are not as prone to heat soak. Also check your cables to make sure they are not corroded.