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Mustang Ricky

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Mar 18, 2003
ok, i changed the timing chain in my car. after the installation, i notice a vibration that was related to the rpm's. it seemed to vibrate around 2000-2200 rpm's and then again in the higher rpms. i replace the balancer because it looked like the stock was shot. i still get the vibration. could the new timing chain be causing the vibration?
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I would put the old balancer back on and see if it goes away. Providing that it vibrates in nuetral sitting still if you hold it at 2000-2200 rpm. If you change something and it creates a symptom, change it back and see if it goes away, then you will know what you are dealing with, make sense. Hopefully, thats all it is.
when i change the timing chain, i put the old balancer back on. it vibrated. so i bought a new balancer and put it on. it still vibrates. the old balancer was worn and needed replacement.

i would think if the vibration was caused by the front wheels, I would feel the vibration in the steering wheel and the car itself. this vibration is from the gear shifter.

any other ideas?
ok, i'll try to be clear. the car never vibrated at 2000 rpm's. i replaced the cam gear, crank gear and timing chain. put the timing cover back on, put on a new water pump and i put back on the original balancer. i got the vibration the first time i ran the car after the work. i looked at the balancer and the rubber was coming out so i bought a new balancer. put the new balancer on, no difference. car still vibrates at 2000 rpm's and at 4000 rpm's.

it also vibrates when in neutral.
I assume you have already checked, but make sure all the pulleys are still OK and that the water pump shaft is not warped.

Second, pull the distributor cap off, crank the motor back and forth with a wrench(longer the easier)...make sure there is no play in the timing chain(the distributor should change directions when you do).

Was it a stock replacement gear set, or the adjustable type?