Odd question - Door open chime really quiet?


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Apr 22, 2002
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Just wondering if this is a common issue, or if anybody else has experienced this, but when I got my car 3 years ago the door open chime was nice and annoying as it should be, and then I did something or something broke... I can't really pinpoint it to an event, but now it is very very quiet, almost inaudible when the engine is running and the door is open.

Does anyone have knowledge of the circuitry involved, and/or have experience with the same issue? Is it tied to the door speakers in some way? Only thing I could figure, but was not at all convinced of, is that I removed the very badly wired aftermarket head unit and the speakers aren't all hooked up to what's left of the factory harness at this point. But I always assumed there's just a small speaker somewhere in the dash making the noise, and not like some of the modern systems that use the actual door speakers.

The dome light on the rear-view mirror still works just fine when the driver or passenger door is open and turns off when closed, so there's nothing wrong with the switch... I mostly ask because I want to make sure it's not something to worry about... I assumed it's not a big deal. I'm just curious.
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No, it's plenty audible for sure.

There's a little box under the driver's side of the dash with an actual speaker that chimes when the key is in ignition, lights are on, or the door is open. There's an actual speaker in the box.

These units are old, and failing so the sound may get quieter or start sounding..bad. Have never pulled one apart to see if the bits can be replaced.

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I just did mine...
There are YouTube videos showing how to fix it..
it’s easy and takes a few Minutes once the box is out....
Basically, Remove the box 5L5 showed you above, open it up and replace the O-ring inside with same or similar size... that’s all it is... in my case it made It loud again...
I will try to find the YouTube link for you
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Interesting. Thanks for the replies. That area of my car is totally exposed, haven't put the under-dash plastic back on in a while so it looks like a 2 bolt replacement... or removal. :) The quiet chime makes it feel like the battery is dying... loud or nothing would be better. lol
Funny, I just looked up how to do this on my Ranger. Wife keeps leaving the lights on and is blaming the chime for not reminding her:rolleyes:
I’m borrowing my dads Ranger, and just did this last night…. Left the headlights on while meeting a friend for dinner.
It’s the quiet buzzers fault! :rlaugh:
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can anyone take some accurate measurements with a caliper on the o-rings. Would help to identify the standard size they are for future reference.

I imaging all theee units use different sizes