odometer problems


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Dec 4, 2006
ok when my fiance read the odometer on the stang to turn in the title she wrote down the part that rolls over the next mile down as part of the actual milage. say the odometer reads 59763.5 she wrote down the .5 as being part of the milage. shouldnt the dmv be able to fix this if i tell them she messed up and wrote it down wrong or am i stuck with the title reading 597,635 miles?
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5.0 Nostalgia

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Feb 28, 2003
That's a good question that I wish I knew the answer to. An owner before me accidently checked off the box that you are supposed to check if your odometer rolls over on my 89lx. The form is a little confusing here and I almost did it myself one time. Now, a carfax says the car "exceeded it's mechanical limits." I didn't even notice it until after I owned the car for a while and ran a carfax on it. In your case, it will be pretty clear that the car does not have 500,000 miles on it so you shouldn't have any problem convincing others if you are trying to sell it.