Official BM Saturday night


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Aug 5, 2000
Seattle WA USA
Well guys, this Saturday is gonna be gorgeous. And Saturday night will be no exception. So lets make this the official opener for Summer (except for summer actually begins on Monday:) ) And since the weather is gonna be nice, lets put together a cruise.

So, post some cruise ideas guys:nice:
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i'm helping some friends move in Black Diamond but hopefully i can get back in time. sounds like its going to be a beautiful night a cruise would be great. how about a ferry ride? he he he... could you imagine the noise of all those stangs starting up to get off the ferry.

other cruise ideas... Alki? Seattle Piers? a Casino? could go north to Quilsida or south to Auburn.
We'll see how everything is going by then, if I can get my new tires by Saturday evening, then I will show up....I am keeping my fingers crossed. I might even patch the hole on the tire right now if I have to :rlaugh: :rlaugh: and drive GHETTO style!!!
Awesome ideas on cruises, and there should be no excuses for BM this Saturday, because the weather will be great:nice: Snoqualmie falls would be fun, but at night it could be a little tricky... I like the Alky beach idea, but I personally am not too familiar with Seattle at night, so if anyone that knows the route really well, then take up the reigns... Besides, I will be on the bike, and I only know of two cars that would be able to keep up:)
Well, I am thinking 9:00 sharp because it will still be a little light out by then. As for the jokers thinking about bringing something other than their rides, gimmee a break :rolleyes:

9:00 - We meet at BM
9:30 - We organize
9:45 - We cruise
Midnight - Guys driving something slower than a stang show up to the destination of the cruise where we have already left:nice:
Ugh...I lost everyone on the way to the beach. Everyone passed me and between getting stuck in traffic, not knowing where I was going, and my car getting squirrley at higher speed -- I was lost.

I really wanted to go too. :/

Next time I guess...