Oil dumb question


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May 6, 2006
Guys, I have a 73 Mach 1 with the 351 C engine.

I just bought the used car and while checking the oil level
the stick has like 3 marks looks like hand made.. I can not contact the previuos owner, so, question is, how many liters should I put into this engine? in that way I could verify which is the correct mark on the stick

Please help.

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The three marks should be, from top to bottom:




The two lower marks usually say SAFE in between them and ADD is usually stamped in between the lowest mark and the end of the stick. Five litres should bring it up to the second mark from the bottom if filling it up from empty, with a new fiter, and running it for a couple seconds to fill the filter.
Factory oil pan and filter setup, 5 quarts is usually perfect. Make sure to start the engine and let run for a few seconds to fill the filter, etc before checking against the marks.
If it's hard to distinguish, you can always put a new dipstick in it from another 351C. 5.8L = ~6 QTs, and a filter is around a quart. I think we put 6.5 total quarts with a filter change in my buddy's 351 and it came right up to the mark. I think.