Engine Oil In Intake From Pvc .....how To Correct Problem! Pvc Delete?


Jun 6, 2013
I have oil in my intake, more than I would expect......actually quite common with the newer mustangs. Compression and leak down test we're good/great. Only 35000mi! It seemed to have more pressure out of the passenger side(befor throttle body) than the driver side(manifold) I ran straight breather caps on the valve covers and played with the manifold port as that was more than twice the size of the other one(befor tb) by played with I mean put a breather filter there too and watched o2's and fuel trim until I was close to stoikeometric air fuel ratio! I noticed that the filters on the valve covers would start to get saturated in oil and eventually start dripping. I changed it back to get my car smoged and want to do something similar. I was thinking of just putting an inline water/oil separator (I know there is no water.....air will flow through it just fine) because they are not too big and can be installed and monitored easily and there cheep. Has anyone done this? Sounds like a good idea but would like feedback?
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passenger side oil separators are rather common. Most sources will agree that roughly 80% of the oil in the intake comes from the passenger side, but you can't go wrong with both separators. AM has a video and they show how much oil is captured in the reservoir. Rather telling.
So u think I should leave the side with the PCV alone and just do the passenger side? The PVC checks out good! I did both sides and my car ran rough at low rpm, no vacuum leak either.....is that expected and car will adapt to changes or should I put breathers on both sides and plug the ports or (and this is what I think would be best) breather and plug on passenger side and keep the drivers side hooked up with a filter/catch? What worked best for you?
I don't have separators on my car just yet, so I can't give you much personal experience. From reading forums, I gathered the passengers side separators being the go-to for S197s. As far as why it's running rough, that's one level above my pay grade. Might want to ask a mechanic.
Well can I get your feed back on what you think....I'm new to the whole pcv drain/filter setup I never heard of it until I thought of it myself and saw it was actually a common fix/upgrade! I was an ase certified tech for 8 years and fixed almost anything on any car (we did not like to turn anyone away) take a look at the I posted with this reply and tell me is something seems off.....it's always a good idea to get a second opinion! View attachment 81235 View attachment 81236 View attachment 81237 View attachment 81238