Oil Leak / Slight Gas Smell


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Mar 31, 2002
The car has never leaked before. I just put the car in the garage because it was super cold. I noticed Oil on the floor. I checked the oil and there is too much in there, way too much and it smells like gas. It looks like the leak is the rear main but hard to tell without a lift. Thoughts, where do I start.
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I'd say first thing would be an oil change. Sounds like you may have an injector stuck open, flooding the crank-case with fuel. Rear seal leaking or the pan-gasket at the rear is a definite possibility, but oil has a way of blowing back there even if it's somewhere else so you'll want to take a look. The rear main seal means the transmission is coming out unfortunately. If you're getting that much gas in the crankcase I can't imagine the car's running too well?
So i found out something else. My ex put Synthetic oil in the car because she knew thats what I used on my new cars. Maybe that cause the leak. It was done recently. Maybe an oil change with castrol high mileage and see what happens