Oil pressure problems and loud noises


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May 11, 2021
idk if this is the right place to post this lmaoo. so i have a 2000 mustang gt, automatic. i’ve been having troubles with my stang and i was turning on a road and it died, oil pressure gauge dropped down low and the battery light came on, went to start it and it didn’t, tried a second time and it really didn’t want to start but it did. went down the road and it was making all kinds of noises, kinda sounded like a truck in bad condition going by, i pulled over and shut my car off. checked my oil and everything seemed normal. i have an exhaust leak and have for a while, was told that could be the problem but like i said i’ve had the leak for a while and i don’t think it’s that. i babied it home and tried to figure out the problem. we changed my oil pressure sending unit or whatever and my oil gauge read that the oil pressure was normal then after a min of it idling the oil pressure dropped again.
i drove my car to work and that probably was not a good idea but i had to get to work. on the way home it died on me again, and this time the check engine light came on, it went off later on (like an hour after) we changed the oil and oil filter thinking maybe that was the problem but it didn’t help at all, my oild was nasty colored and dark, my oil filter was gunked up (my oil had been changed by a mechanic like three months before and i shouldn’t have been due for an oil change yet.) we ended up towing my car home because we didn’t want to cause other problems. the noises were horrid and they sounded like a high pitched squealing and there was also a very low rumble that sounded like my exhaust but it was wayyyy lower than my normal exhaust sounds. I was told the problem could be my a messed up wire, ac pulley, my exhaust like i said before, and it could be my oil pump but i want a for sure answe before i replace something else and have it not fix the problem.
been trying to get it to a mechanic but have been getting put off my them, also not very many good mechanics where i live.
someone help me figure this out lmao
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