OK 2001 Cobra.... Pros and cons

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I haven't had any problems with mine, expcept for a bad thermostat that was covered under warranty. I know a lot of 01's had pinging problems, but I'm happy to say it never happened to mine. I know some people complain about the notchy shifting on cold days. I get that on mine, but it really hasn't bothered me. The 01 was perfect for me and I don't think I'll ever trade it or sell it. I like the 99+ body style, and I didn't want a supercharged one like the 03-04's. And since the 05's are looking like they'll cost $40K+, it seems like a got my dream car when it was actually affordable for me. The 18K miles sounds good.
cons: car is out of warranty so make sure everything is up to spec. If you plan on beating on it the IRS can break, making for some expensive bills. When you drive it make sure it doesn't ping under load and check under light throttle if it pings / noises at lower rpms in second gear especially.

Pros: love the revving motor, seats, SVT

might sound like a lot of negatives but you just need to make sure you are buying a decent car. I love mine
i bought an 01 in may, and i'm hearing some odd noises from it, but i'm not sure what they are, they could just be a noisy engine. it kind of sounds like a rapid clicking coming seemingly from the drivers side area of the car. also, when i "slam" the car through the gears, there's this odd brief "chirp" or "squeak" as it engages the next gear. :shrug:

other than that I love the car.
First of all, I love my 2001 Cobra. I agree with the above, it does have a noisy engine, pings on crappy California gas and has a few body squeeks. It is hard to shift but does not grind. I think others describe it as "notchy". I'm used to it. It did have the 12mm bolts in the IRS which I replaced with the proper 14mm. Does not "clunk going from F to R any more.

It runs great, seats are comfortable and handles like a dream.

I'd say "go for it".
Wheel hop is also my big complaint.

I had a passanger window go bad, but nothing else has been an issue.
The car is quick but geared high for a 7000RPM machine. It needs at least 390s. Some say 410s.

I'm moving to Indy and drove the cobra there a couple of weeks ago. Dang thing got 27MPG.

I don't have the noises others have mentioned. Some complain about the transimission synchronizers. I have not had any issues like this.

The car handles great and the seats are quite good
Great car. It will be a long time before I get tired of it.
Have not owned a 2001 but the pros are I think its the best looking recently made Cobra. Its the only year Cobra made with the super agressive front end, mixed with the rear end that says "COBRA". Ohh and the seats and interior are way nice.
Only issues I know of are the transmission, and the pinging deal.. but those have allready been mentioned. If its a good deal, and you like the car, I'd get a 2nd opinion from a mechanic.. then buy the sucker. You'll love it. I know I sure love my 99 :)
GeorgiaGT40 - I've had mine for 'bout a year now. It's simply an awesome car :nice:

I don't think mine has ever "pinged" but to be honest, since my mods were installed, I don't hear much of anything anymore. :D

Once in a while, I do get the 2nd gear grind/crunch on cold mornings - usually a double pump of the clutch fixes that. Once it's warmed up, the grind/crunch goes away.

One of the biggest issues that I'm aware of is the tranny. There's a sticky at the top of the 4.6 forum, called "Official Tremec 3650 Issues Thread" that details many similar problems many stangers have had w/this tranny (as of tonight 43 pages worth of info). Though many people have had tranny issues (me included), there's also a lot that have not. Either way, good place to research what to look out for w/these transmissions and some symptoms.
I agree with them, the car is awesome!! I love the interior, the body style and the overall look! ( not to mention the crazy sound of longtubes and no cats :D ) I do have to say that I too am having some problems with my tranny, I think the synchro's are going out. The good side to that is it's just another good reason to upgrade to a T-56 Six Speed!!!! Heh, heh, heh! Anyways, I'd go for it
had my 01 for about 2 years now, its my daily driver and the best car ive ever driven hands down

i went a test drove an 03 when they first came out, i just couldnt justify the price difference in my head, side by side i just couldnt let go of the 01

awesome engine, great looks, great interior what more could you ask for?

only issue is my TOB is squeaking a little, but then again what ford manual transmission doesnt?
my 2001 cobra has had two problems the fuel pump which was covered under warranty and throwout bearing which was not the only other issues where the tranny shifts which could be because of the throwout bearing ( i get mine back tonight) so i will post and the body panels ie the doors and hood keep on comming out of alingment because of near redline power shifts :) other wise a very exellent car that hauls ass and i can roast the tires down the block :spot: