ok p/s is gone, now what?

Mr. Rustypwnz

Advanced Member
Jun 1, 2005
indianapolis/ valdosta ga
so I took it all off and plugged the holes on the rack with some set screws, and when I turn it pisses out a little bit of atf (power steering crap) around, so Im thinking im gonna have to put like an expansion line connecting these plugged holes so it wont screw nothing up? Ive never done this, and im too poor right now to get a manual rack (it will come in time) so will it work fine? I mean Ive drove it around a little bit and it turns fine, just under stress like at a standstill and turning the tires you can hear it piss a little fluid out.... lol

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It'll eventually piss it all out, at least that's my guess.

Hunt around in the junkyards for any fox chassis car that might have an OEM manual rack you could use. I've even seen Flaming River racks on Craigslist recently for $175.