OK so my girlfriend bought a 2.3 ysterday


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Dec 30, 2001
St pete, Florida
Shes going to get it painted this month as it needs paint. but other then that she paid 1500 and it is CLEAN, It has 140,000 miles on it,auto and has some damn deacant AC. My question is this, Im new to this world, so is there any decant exhaust setups for these cars???? What mufflers sound good???? any trouble areas to look for. :shrug:
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new 2.3

decent...yeah decent, I thought that didn't look right.
Decent sounding exhaust? As an owner of a 70 Mustang and a 2.3 powered Mustang I can say you will not like the sound of the 2.3.
As my niece says "The vert rumbles and little blue goes poota, poota".
Also different cars have different quirks. You say a 2.3 so that narrows it down some...Mustang? Pinto? Ranger? SVO? Turbo-bird? What year?
Bruce (TX)
Copy the components in the exhaust part of my sig. The car is not going to roar, but I guarantee it will sound nice. Honestly the car is louder(at low RPMs) than most local V8 'stangs with factory exhaust. The car sounds like a small V8 at idle and low rpms, then sounds like a 6 at midrange then she sounds like a 4 until highway cruising speeds (55 and up)when she just drones loudly.
Also I belive the old school guy who welded up my exhaust "stepped" it. I think he used atleast two different widths of pipe to go from my pre-cat(I have no full size cat, but still legal)to my Flowmaster(should be a 40 series if they did what I said).
Expect to pay around 70 to 80 dollars for a Ranger header, that is the average on Ebay and this is what I believe is responsible for the tone; car sounds like half a 4.6l...
There a several on this Ebay page:
Hell, I don't think he wants to put that much work/money into it.

I'd recommend just going to a muffler shop and having them throw a single 2 1/4" cat-back on there with a Flowmaster 40. I had that on my old '90 for a couple years and it really sounded good with the otherwise stock exhaust. Course, it probably won't sound quite as cool on an automatic car.
Hell i odnt mind putting a little money into it here and there. We are allready gettng clear headlights. New stock taillights as these are faded, a paintjob, some dark window tint and wheels. So a good sounding exhaust wont hurt it any :D