Hey Fellas, Just acquired my first Mustang!!! Its ON!!

Hello from Yakima, WA. Been wanting to own a V-8 Mustang for many moons now, came across an opportunity to possibly do it myself...bought this 2000 3.8L 'stang at auction in Hella-good condition for $1000.00, just needed a thermostat installed and a camshaft positioning sensor housing replaced. Looks like the previous owner ditched out on this great running little gem when she (I found bunches of makeup and girly stuff in the car when cleaning/detailing it) therefore I'm figuring it was a girls car. Well, she broke the camashaft positioning sensor housing while trying to change the thermostat and probably just got frustrated and left it on the side of the road? My luck! Car had been sitting for over 18+ months and you could SURE TELL!! It was a MESS!! but after 4 full days of scrubbing in triple digit heat here in the desert of Yakima, WA. this is a photo of what it looks like today. Not only does it l
ook decent, its got a set of near-new Federal Low-pro tires on 20"wheels!! Ive had to take about 3 hours each wheel with 1200 sandpaper to get them looking good again, but its been worth it! Car runs extremely well after putting a bottle of Lucas through the fuel system and a tank of Plus gas. My thoughts are to do a 351W swap with this vehicle because i have a 351W already from a ford truck i had in the past. I can get another donor car very easily as my cousin owns a wrecking yard in the town next to me!! SCORE!! So if any of you fellas are close to me here in Yakima and would like to get parts at MY COST for helping me do this swap, or even help on mine for help on yours? I am a half-ass decent mechanic....backyard, weekend mechanic. But i think i could do this with the right help!! Looking forward to spending many a night on here asking for advise!! hahaha!! My name is Jeff Burgess and just want to say thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for all you guys help!! PS. thats my girlfriend Gypsy next to the car, and no we arent looking for any 3-somes!! Yes, I know she is HOTT!!
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