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Mar 3, 2008
alright so i lowered my car about a 1 1/2 inches, the other day i was cruising down main street and i hit one of our famous pot holes, just didnt see it in time:shrug:

but i heard a good thump, but didnt think much of it, the other day i was checking up on the steering components and i noticed there was a small dimple right next to my battery on the inner wheel well, turns out that my upper a arm went way up and the zurk popped a tiny hole in the inner wheel well, take a look

basically i was wondering if any of you have ever had this happen?

i want to cut out that little batter pan and weld in a nice inner wheel well (similar to the other side) then relocate the battery to the trunk...

im pretty sure it cant do it to the drivers side because the inner wheel is more angled.

the one on the left is a picture with the battery out, the one on the right is with the wheel off and looking from the bottum
sorry the pics suck, used my phone


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