overheating starter?


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Jun 16, 2002
Danbury, CT
you've heard it before... my car wont start when its hot sometimes. Or when it cools down after trying to start it hot unsucessfully, but i can pop start it... and it starts after sitting over night. My friend told me i am overheating the starter, and it makes sense, but why didnt it do that before? last summer it.... wait no i did have to replace the starter last june. wtf?
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Dec 16, 2002
Huntsville, AL
I had the same problem years ago. My wires would get so hot they would even smoke and once my battery blew up in my face when I was trying to diagnose it (thank goodness there was a tap nearby). I even replaced the starter - no change. The car did this only when it was hot. Finally I cleaned all my ground wires (even though they looked good), especially the one going to the block. That one did the trick and I have not a had a problem of that type since !


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Oct 14, 2002
long island N.Y.
OonDeanisS said:
which ground wire fixed it? thanks for the info... but i dont know of ever grounding any wire to the block

Ok look on the back of the motor it is attached to the head, and goes to the frame. I think it is on the drivers side of the motor. I can't rember which side it is, If it is not there then just check the other side.