oxygen senors & tps (ford has no idea)


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Mar 4, 2003
ok guys what is one to do when ford cant tell you what parts you need. they list three different tps senors and 3 different oxygen senors. they said i am screwd. because i didnt save the old oxygen sensors. i have the tps sensor and they never heard of the code on it. ford sucks sorry but its true.
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:D Try this one on for size. Go to you local parts store. Take the tps with you and let them do a part search off the part number of the tps sensor. if that doesnt work, just give them the application. (ie yr mk model eng size...) and they will get it right for you. Obivously you have an idiot for a counter guy.:bs:
I know the guys at the local ford dealership look like they're a year away from retirement, and if you dont have a the part or a specific part number with you can forget about it.
I just bought one at PoopDawgs favorite place (autozone) not too long ago- it even came set at .098 :)

My advice... drive your car through the parts department, then get out and tell them you have the old one :)

Dr. Strype
grippper said:
thanks man im just trying to vent. i bought from 50 restoration. they said the oxygen senors were original ford parts. i also bought the tps from them.

If you bought from 50resto then you should have DY606 for the O2 sensors and a CX1323 (E8ZF-9B989-AA) for the TPS. These are valid Motorcraft part numbers that the parts department should be able to find.
i guess im lucky then... at the ford dealership wher ei go to get parts the counter guys rock. well i have also known them for about 10 yrs since my dad also wroks at the dealership. but still so far they havent been wrong on parts ive needed... even on non ford cars they have done a pretty good job for me. but that might be becasue ive known them so long and they actually try to help me find out my problems. but i do have to agree on something.. autozone,.,,,, welll i had to drill out some spot welds on my 67 coupe adn i went to autozone to get a spotweld drill bit and the lady that was there tried to help me find them and when she couldnt find what i needed she yells back to the manager and says " HEY DO WE SELL SPOT WELDS " so when she said that i just said forget it you dont need to work here and walked out. she was looking for spot welds i mean come on i think you should atleast have some sort intel about cars or parts before you should be aloud to work at a parts place.
Thanks Damein17! Speaking as a Ford dealer counterman myself, I'm glad to know that someone out there appreciates us!:hail2: But on the other hand, I happen to work with a guy who is about 10 years past retirement and shouldn't be doing this anymore, and he is the type of guy that would just tell you you're screwed and to go pound sand up your ass.
Anyway, the DY-606 oxygen sensors and the E8ZF TPS will work fine in your car. As long as the TP voltage is set correctly, you shouldn't have a problem. Any Ford dealer parts department should be able to look up the correct parts for your specific car by using the calibration# on the label on your driver's side door. I think the countermen you have all dealt with just didn't give a crap about helping out the customer. While I'm venting, I swear sometimes Ford engineers all get together after a long week's work and sit at the bar, get *****faced and engineer redundant parts that just make a counterman's job harder. But that's just my opinion.:mad: