PA performance wire kit routing?


May 10, 2007
Phx, AZ
the alternator wire is like 110" long. I was coing to cut it to size and rout it in the stock location or maybe leave the stock one and run the other in an alternative route.

What did you do? where should i mount the fuse holder?

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The long cable is for routing along the front clip. A lot of the fox III guys who do a 3G retrofit run the cable from the alt to the passenger fender, then in front of the radiator, around the battery and to the solenoid (or the underhood fusebox in our case).

I chose to simply parallel the OEM cable because honestly it was cheaper (I make my own cables from bulk parts).

I left the OEM cable physically in the car but it is disconnected at both ends. If my new cable broke (a terminal came off, etc), I could do a roadside swap to the OEM cable if I had to. Otherwise, that stock cable is a real piece of crap.

In theory you want the fuse close to the alternator, though it's not super critical. I'd rather have the fuse holder someplace safe and away from heat. That said, I have mine mounted to the coil's bracket, which gets toasty.

Random thoughts. Good luck.
Thanks for the advice. I removed the stock wire and ran the new one in front of the front clip. The fuse ended up right by the battery, with no real good place to mount it so its just hanging around not attatched to anything for now. Its out of the way, and the cable is tight enough that it is not going anywhere. The car is running again, finally. I had to go yet another month without it, and its great to have it back.