panhead and torque bars


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Oct 7, 2005
I was looking into some old fourms about uca and lca's and i came accross a thread where someone was using a torque bar instead of uca's i believe can someone explain how these concepts work and if there good for a street/strip car that is basically built for the straight aways but since it will be driven on the street i dont want it to be impossible to drive in some twistys...?
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i apolgize for my spelling that was posted on my black berry at work can you explain how it would hurt me in the twisties the car is being set up for the quater miles although from time to time we hit the mountain roads up at my friends lake house pretty hard but only once in a blue moon.. im more concerned about my suspension with being a street driven vehicle during the nicer months prob drive the car 3-4 days a week depending on the weather
no im saying it will benefit you everywhere on your ride, NOT hurt you in the twisties, the TA/PHB setup is vast superior to the stock quadrabind setup, as it delegates each portion of the rear end to 1 job only, lower control arms are for forward thrusting force, panhard is for lateral axle motion, and the torque arm controls torsional force in the rear end thus keeping the rear end planted in turns, and at launch etc etc