Parking brake problem


Aug 23, 2005
When I did my brakes I had to replace the caliper. Then, I could not get the parking brake cable back on to that stupid spring thing. I put it all back together and have had no parking brake for a while.

I want to fix it, but now the brake cable is way too tight. I read in the manual about opening the console and loosening the tension in the brake handle, but I have no idea what the f*** I am supposed to do.

Can anybody explain to me exactly how I am supposed to loosen the tension in the parking brake cable, so I can attach it to the rear caliper? The manual says something about going from underneath the console and pulling down on the "tensioner", but all I see is the drive shaft.

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Keep it lubed .... keep it straight .... and keep
Mar 30, 2005
North Carolina
Well ... I'm not much help to you .... but I can tell you this. If you do have to get access to the one under the console .... you'll have to get under the car. It's a b**ch to get to. If I remember correctly, you'll have to take a small plate off of the bottom of the car. I believe it's near where the transmission & DS meet. Or just a little further back .... in the tunnel. It has one or two bolts holding it on.

I have to get under there & replace my small cable .... and I scouted it all out a while back.