Roush Part Number for Hawk Pads for Brembos!!!


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Sep 26, 2004
Ordering new Brembo rotors for the Saleen, but dont want to run the Brembo pads due to sooo much dust!! I want to get the Hawk pads, but what kind? Is it just the Cobra HP pads?? Or does anyone have a part number? Thanks for the help!!!
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The Hawks are the best replacement for the Brembo's Hands down and they stop just as good unlike the Porterfields in the Alcons.
You will get almost zero dust with the Hawks. Call Joe at Chicane as he was the one who always ordered the hawk pads for my Brembos.
The Brembos are definitely different then Cobra pads. Now if you are referring to the Brembos on the Cobra R then yes they are the same pads. I have the porterfields in my brembos and the part number for them is R4-s. I think Marcus is correct as far as stopping ability. I noticed that on the street the brembo pads are much more responsive but once the porterfields are heated up (race track events) then they are much better. Very little dust on the porterfields. I think I'd like to give the hawk pads a try with my brembos to see if they are a balance between dust and braking ability I want for the street.